KAFFAH offers premier network configuration and security services to align your network with your business goals. We utilize proven methodologies and industry best practices in our network designs to ensure optimal performance, availability and security around the clock.

Topology Assessment & Design

Understanding your hedge fund’s unique concerns and needs, our network team thoroughly analyzes your system requirements and provides network solutions to address them.

Equipment & Implementation

Part of this solution includes properly installed security features, which not only protect your hedge fund’s information, but also maximize network performance. Whether it’s a switch, a router, a firewall, or a combination of these, every network device configuration is done according to the vendor’s best practices.

Vulnerability Avoidance

KAFFAH knows solid network security doesn’t depend solely on expensive equipment or sophisticated software, but smart network configuration and sound practices. Our methods ensure your hedge fund is kept secure in the most cost-effective manner.

Secure Remote Access and VPN

With today’s global market and an increasing number of mobile workers, it’s imperative to ensure that no matter where your users sit, that they have secure network access. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure tunnel over an otherwise non-secure medium, such as the internet, and will keep your staff connected and able to access resources across multiple office locations.

Fault Tolerant Networks

We understand that technology is not infallible – therefore, KAFFAH designs networks that are. A fault tolerant network will sustain any link through equipment failure. If a bad cable causes a single router or switch to fail, the network dynamically detects this outage and automatically reroutes traffic to avoid this break. As the system notifies KAFFAH of the failure and our staff works to make the repair, your firm continues to work, without suffering any downtime.

Wireless Infrastructure Solutions

KAFFAH can configure a wireless connection for those clients who require the utility of moving wirelessly throughout the office. As people move back and forth between their desks and the conference rooms, they maintain constant, secure connectivity to the network. An added benefit to this set-up is the ability to provide guests access to the network connection without access to your firm’s files.